miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Cambio día a día ¿Por qué no hacerlo?

Comenzaron los días en los que fumar destrucción y beber inseguridades. 

Despreocuparse, lavarse las manos en sangre y encender el faro sin luz para perderse mejor...
cuando ya no hay luz las pupilas son como mares serían si pudiesen clavarse igual de bien en la piel.

Que venga el frío y el agua será hielo, que venga el tiempo y mi piel será hueso.

Sucede todos los días que nado intentando no ahogarme y cuando me rindo, mi cuerpo crea branquias para poder vivir en ese mundo líquido y cambiado en el que siempre termino.

Todos los peces que conozco son felices y viven sin pestañear demasiado ¿Por qué me ha tocado entonces a mí ser el único pez con memoria?

Vuelvo a la orilla y encuentro alas en mi espalda !¿Ahora un pájaro?!

Será que debo acostumbrarme a cambiar de vida y perder el vicio de quejarme.

Todo cambia día a día ¿Por qué no hacer del cambio tu vida?

domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013


Start the rare moment that you forgot since all these years.
 Now you chose...
 Listen other words and feel them as your own. Feeling/words/silence times

Reason: Will you fail again? Are you sure that understand me?
 Destiny, luck, divine providence... God? Lies and nothing more...

Me: Casually is logical this? Reason: No, is human.
Me: Is necessary? Reason: No, is instintive
Me: How many time? Reason: I have no idea

Another Day In The Life...

Me: Why me? Reason: Sometimes occurs, a day you are fine, you are a person that can live alone 12 hours of the day and other 12 hours improvising the life in any place... but a day you feel things that don't remember or you didn't live and these things take hold of you.

Me: It´s funny... Reason: What it's funny?
Me: All my life fighting against my sensations, and now surrender... Reason: Why you fight?
Me: I don't know... Reason: I suppused that you have got a bad life
Me: How can be a bad life the only life that I can know? Reason: I don't know...
Me: No, my life it's the best life because is mine! Reason: Maybe...
Me: Everyday, and now more than never I learn some new, some magic, some suprises, some sensations, some ideas, something and something more...
Reason: Stop, you said that were all your life fighting, that you didn't want be human an now tell me taht every day you want more
Me: Sometimes persons lie ourselves
Reason: It's no logical Me: No, but it's human
Reason: Are you lying now or before? Me: I don't know, I expect discover it
Reason: Do you want this situation then?
Me: Yes, I can't remember nothing that my failed loves, I can't remember who I am really since I was kid, and now I feel like a kid everytime borning inside surprises I find this brown eyes looking me in a laught. I want this time, and all you wants will be a surprise. This is the basic element of the dreams. 

In this life there two greats questions: "Why?" and "Why not?" the key to happiness is know when make each one of the two.

Much time I've been doing the second, and all start like a product of this. But today I make the first and everyday think a different reason for answer this. And this conversation only have been a text where remind me that same.

Everything it's ok... let's go to continue and go to life!